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Castermans Connected focuses on established corporate and SME companies that want to (or should) innovate. The Internet of Things is a promising domain for both service providers and companies that develop their own (physical) products or devices and who want to develop more added value for their customers. With experience in various sectors, Castermans Connected is able to make innovative combinations and stimulate real innovation.


Read about a number of projects and companies that – with the help of Castermans Connected – made a successful transition to their next generation business with smart and internet connected products and services.


To strengthen the knowledge economy in the Leiden region, government, entrepreneurs and education work closely together. Under the lable of Economie071, they carry out projects that focus on the themes Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Life Sciences & Health and Vitality. This in favour of investments in the region and employment. One of those projects is Smart071. Smart071 helps SMEs in the Leiden region become more aware of the opportunities with digitization such as the Internet of Things and Data Science with practical workshops. The pragmatic innovation projects with a smaller group of companies serve as inspiration for a broader group of SMEs in the region.

Castermans Connected carries out the Smart071 project management on behalf of Economie071. As an innovation consultant, Castermans Connected develops new innovative business with SME entrepreneurs in the Leiden region. With a large regional network, he connects companies to education and potential (semi-) public clients.



PestWatcher developed a completely new business concept for integral pest management. Through the use of sensors and connectivity in pest traps and bait stations, 24/7 monitoring of pest activity is possible. This saves customers on the costs of pest management and with the digital log, organizations fully comply with the IPM protocol for the use of pesticides.


Castermans Connected advised PestWatcher on the business model where PestWatcher becomes a platform where end users (often facility managers) and independent pest controllers work together. For the technical development, Castermans Connected made an introduction to an industrial design agency for further product development and advised on the connectivity to be applied.


“Castermans Connected kept us sharp during all phases of our innovation process, both in terms of business aspects and the application of technology and product development”

Harry Viet, director



Technical Trade Office Rensa is one of the largest wholesalers in the Netherlands for products in the field of heating and ventilation. From a hypermodern and robotized distribution centre and local service counters, installers and service & maintenance companies are supplied throughout the country.


Castermans Connected facilitated five co-creation sessions in which the most important opportunities were identified for the optimization of digital supply chain collaboration in the installation sector. The process has resulted in a functional concept with an innovative business model that is expected to lead to a reduction of inventory costs throughout the entire supply chain.


“Thanks to the intensive innovation process with Castermans Connected and the for us new way of working with a number of customers, the relationship with these customers has been raised to a strategic level.”

Patrick Jansen, Manager Knowledge & Innovation


Slimdesign logo

SLIMDESIGN developed a connected baby monitor for the Canadian company Angelcare with video, sound and motion monitoring, using smartphones. Family and friends can be invited via an app to share special moments.


Castermans Connected helped with the exploration of additional functionalities and future innovative business concepts that are based on surprising partnerships.


“Castermans Connected challenged us and our customer to look beyond the product.”

Wouter Konings, director




Top Vision Group is a developer and global market leader for innovative products and systems for shop interiors in the optics industry. From displays to present eyewear to wall systems and store elements with which the retailer can design his complete store.

Castermans Connected developed together with Top Vision Group a first vision for the optical store of the future. In a series of sessions, we worked together with four value chain partners on new concepts, based on the added value and new possible functionalities with RFID technology. The joint process led to new insights from the entire optics value chain and also generated support for a pilot project.


“Castermans Connected was as a catalyst in the concept phase and in the implementation phase helped us with guidance in the forest of possible suppliers.”

Omar Tegel, director



The paint mixers from Fast & Fluid Management are sold worldwide and belong to paint specialist stores and Do-It-Yourself chains.

Castermans Connected guided Fast & Fluid Management in identifying the first connected opportunities. In various co-creation sessions (in which several important parties from the value chain were involved) innovations were formulated aimed at reducing errors by the operating staff and strengthening the service and customer experience.


“The integrated approach of Castermans Connected has helped us in the search for new customer value and the development of surprising solutions”

Ronald Krom, Vice President New Product Development