Our offer

Castermans Connected is your guide and innovation partner in the world of Internet of Things. With our help you will discover and develop your next generation and connected business sooner, faster and better.

We are at your service at whatever stage you are with Internet of Things. From initial awareness and strategic orientation to realization and market introduction. Using, where necessary, external expert knowledge and suppliers from our selected network.


One-day in-company IoT workshop

We like to inspire you and your colleagues about business opportunities in a digital age. In our one-day IoT workshop you will learn to look at your company in a different way and you will develop your first IoT business concept. The workshop is also valuable as training or for use in team building.

Summarized the program is as follows:

  • Introduction about Internet of Things with many examples
  • Joint exploration of opportunities for your company
  • Design a first functional IoT concept
  • Setting up a first promising business model


We make a photo of your company in a short time and a sketch of the future. With our integrated approach we provide you with sharp analyses, new insights and surprising ideas. What is the impact of Internet of Things on your sector and your chain? How can you distinguish yourself with it and what is needed for this? We bring a fresh but experienced view with knowledge of technological possibilities and innovative business models. An IoT assessment process has – depending on the situation and wishes – a lead time of 2-6 weeks.


You have an opportunity direction for your company and you want to further explore and elaborate on this? In the IoT-Accelerator you will develop a commercially promising, technically feasible and by (potential) customer(s) validated business concept, including business case and first prototype/demo, in a very short period of 2-3 months. The IoT Accelerator is a fully facilitated innovation process with the right knowledge at the right time. You work intensively and in an innovative way with your customer(s) and other partners.

proces accelerator

De integrale aanpak van de IoT-Accelerator


We like to accelerate the route to a successful project realization. With hands-on help we act as director and booster in the highly multidisciplinary realization of IoT projects. Think of interim roles like:

  • Product owner
  • Innovation project/program manager
  • Business developer
  • Partner & alliance manager