Our innovation approach for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things offers substantial opportunities for companies, also for your company! Innovation in the domain of Internet of Things is very multidisciplinary. It requires new knowledge and competences from companies, redesigning business processes, setting up new partnerships and innovating in co-creation. And above all, a fresh look at their current business.

That is precisely why we are so passionate about the Internet of Things. Because so much comes together. To innovate successfully in the rapidly developing domain of the Internet of Things, a pragmatic and practical approach with the right balance between business, technology and creativity is crucial. These are our recommendations from practice.


Know your customer, involve your customer

Ultimately, the challenge for every company is to develop innovative propositions that are really relevant to customers who are willing to pay for it. Our experience is that only an intensive joint discovery and detailing of the frictions and ambitions of the customer leads to truly new insights. New for yourself and new for your customer. By developing in co-creation you ensure that you are – and remain – on the right path. The commitment grows and the mutual relationship is brought to a higher level. Experience shows that the regular ongoing business with your customer is also encouraged with such a joint innovation project.


Visualize, create, try and experiment

Large piles of paper reports are no longer of this time. And the Internet of Things can sometimes be abstract for people. In addition to hardware, it quickly concerns data, information and services that are not tangible. That is why it is good to quickly visualize ideas to improve mutual communication. Moreover, ideas become richer by actually experiencing them by ‘rumbling’ with rapid prototypes of software and hardware. Prototyping is becoming easier and iterations go faster through accessible electronics platforms and 3D printing.


IoT has a strategic impact: an integrated approach is essential

For almost every company there are opportunities in creating information-driven added value and the possibilities of digital technology. But do not underestimate the impact on your organization. It affects all disciplines within your organization. An integral approach with a multidisciplinary team from the start of an innovation process seems slow but in reality shortens your time-to-market. And that is also necessary because the developments are going faster and faster.


The four innovation facets of the innovation approach of Castermans Connected

A roadmap: ‘Think big, start small’

The world around us is becoming more complex and changing rapidly. As a result, detailed long-term plans are no longer tenable. However, drawing up a global roadmap to the future prevents opportunities from being missed. Our motto is therefore: ‘Think big, start small’. Keep in mind that the Internet of Things’ big picture is about innovation in (cross-sectoral) value networks. But start developing products and services that are closer, really meet a need and can be earned in the short term.