About Castermans Connected

As a driven innovator, Joris Castermans has been helping companies develop their next generation business with product, service and business innovation in the last fifteen years. On the one hand by inspiring about developments and trends. On the other hand, by advising on and guiding strategy development, innovation management and setting up new partnerships.

Since 2011 Joris focuses on innovation and new business development in the field of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) or smart and internet connected products and services. At Syntens Innovation Center (since 2014 merged in the Chamber of Commerce) he was the initiator and since then the driving force of this theme. In workshops and seminars he has inspired approx. 2000 companies, intensively advised 100 companies from various sectors and built up an extensive knowledge and partner network. As Product Owner IoT within the Chamber of Commerce, he was responsible for the development and marketing of the digital advisory services for companies on the IoT theme.

As a business developer at IT service provider Caesar Experts, Joris developed an integral IoT proposition.

At KPN New Business IoT, he was responsible in the role of Partner & Innovation Manager for identifying and setting up promising partnerships. On the one hand with hardware suppliers and on the other hand with solution providers and resellers.

Joris is originally an industrial designer with extensive experience in the design and technical development of complex B2B and B2C products for international clients such as Honeywell, Vodafone, Ericsson, Plymovent, Sakura Finetek, Heineken and Kimberly-Clark.